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This songstress may generate hits on the Billboard charts, but when it comes to her love life there's no denying that she's no winner.

After a slew of boyfriends and tons of chart-topping lyrics that center around breakups, Swift's love life has become a favorite for media fodder.

Back in 2010, Taylor dated Jake Gyllenhaal for a few months and some of her songs on her previous album, RED, are known to reflect on that time.

"The Last Time" is rumored to be about the movie star, with Taylor reportedly saying the lyrics concern a guy who is "unreliable, someone you never know is going to stay or leave, but does always come back." Some have noticed a pattern that none of the serial dater's relationships have lasted much longer than a few months.

It's Taylor Swift Day in New York City (and also everywhere else). With lyrics about "a long six months," we're guessing this song is about that.

As is standard practice any time Swift drops a new album, we've spent the mornings decoding the hidden messages in the liner notes of 1989 to figure out who (or what) each song is about this time. This is a pretty clear reference to the few months in late 2012 that Taylor and Harry had off between tours.

Maybe her bad luck has something to do with her, and not necessarily the boyfriend of the moment.

Only problem: nobody knows where the video tape is and who could possibly have it, until now.

They walk into the front door of her hotel holding hands, but he only spends a few minutes with her. Things went south last week for the couple during a vacation on Virgin Gorda, the third-largest of the British Virgin Islands — with Swift cutting the holiday short and jetting back home to Nashville. British crooner Styles, 18, “said something he shouldn’t have . Before ringing in the New Year with a sweet kiss, they went on a ski trip with another volatile young couple: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez . But, if one side or the other puts up a fuss about the contract, these fakers might have to jump back in and fake it for a couple a more weeks. They would have to revive Haylor to complete the contract!

He spends the night at his own place, and then meets up with her the next morning when they are ready to leave. Source: Blind Who told you that this fake couple was involved in a short, fake relationship? Who told you that “The relationship is scheduled to be a very short one. The Grammy winner’s previous high-profile flames include political scion Conor Kennedy, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner and Joe Jonas. Each one thinks that the other is immature and annoying. While holding hands they grimaced in a way that kids do when they think that someone is giving them the cooties. The time line would be extended, which could take them past Valentine’s Day.

The couple then leaves the hotel through the front door a couple a minutes apart to make it look like they spent the night together. They really didn’t like kissing each other (that New Year’s Eve kiss was staged), and they certainly never slept together. This PR stunt was supposed to go on for a couple more weeks. That would be kind of funny, as the last thing either of these two kids wants is to have to pretend that they love each other on Valentine’s Day.

The relationship is scheduled to be a very short one. Yes, all that sneaking in and out of hotels nonsense was totally choreographed. They were supposed to break up closer to Valentine’s Day so that Taylor Swift could wring some Valentine’s Day song angst out of the whole thing. But they are professionals, and, if forced to, they could stick it out for a few more weeks and break up for good right before Taylor goes out on tour.

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